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Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Embrace the Play

- Kyra Logsdon

The days drag on endlessly

Still losing your hope and joy

Cycling through this abyss

Your therapist hands you a toy

Looking at this object perplexed

Wondering what you should do

Feeling this sense of confusion

Curiosity speaks to you 


As you fidget with the toy, unsure

You’re reminded of a feeling lost

A time when you felt peace

That suffered at a cost 


While some memories are hurtful

The sense of playfulness is filling

The therapist offers to join in

But only if you’re willing 


Another sense of adventure

Surrounded with whimsical youth

The therapist playfully engages

As you experience your truth 


Laughter and fun filling the air

As your pain slowly begins to fade

Looking forward to the moment

To be free from this charade 


Smiles and laughter surrounding

Through this simple act of play

As you leave the therapist’s office,

You realize…

You’re looking forward to the day 

Kids Playing Tug of War
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